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What Are ‘Clairs’ And Do I Have Them?

There is a way for us to receive ‘psychic’ messages with our intuition. They’re called ‘Clairs’. Clair is the French-Latin root for “Clear”.

Before starting this lesson, let me say why I don’t normally use the term Psychic. The entire word has a negative connotation when an unawakened[Someone that hasn’t come into their own and isn’t self aware of who their intuition may mold them into]person hears it. There have been so many fakes, frauds, con artists and people portraying themselves as ‘fortune tellers’, and so called psychics that take a person for every penny they own; that I don’t even use those key words. Psychic is just an umbrella term anyhow.

It’s important to add: If you ever hear voices telling you to do bad things or to hurt yourself or someone else, this is not a true Clair, and you need to be seen by a medical professional.


Clairaudient messages sound like someone talking in your mind. This voice will never be harsh or tormenting.(Unlike voices that people hear with certain psychological conditions, severe hormone imbalances, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies can here.) The tone of the voice will always be even and calm. Messages that arrive Clairaudiently are straightforward like “Don’t go in there”, “That’s not truthful”, “Call (insert name), they’re very depressed”. Clairaudience can also come in short or one word answers, or only one word or number.


Clairsentient messages come through as a feeling, it is the most common of all Clair gifts. Gut instincts, being able to read the emotions of others, or sending the collective energy in the room are all clairsentient. You’ll take on others ailments for a short while, you will just know how someone is feeling bubbly, sad, anxious, irritable, scared, hopeful. Getting chills usually means there’s an important message to be heard or delivered or to pay attention to your surroundings. Whenever you get a strong, intuitive feeling about something, write it in a journal. Over the next few weeks you will realize just how many clairsentient messages you’re receiving. Beginning to recognize these messages with the journal, you’ll be able to pick them out more easily.


Clairvoyance is an ability to perceive or see events, people, objects, happenings in the future by telepathic means or beyond normal human vision. Messages will show up as an image or scene in your mind, usually as a metaphor. If a person is overwhelmed, you may see them drowning or carrying a large pack on their back that’s too heavy to walk. Not all Clairvoyants are telepathic and not all telepaths are Clairvoyant. If you’re Clairvoyant, you get messages internally in your mind, so you probably won’t ever see spirits or entities.


Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits, who were once human or animal. This is one of my strongest gifts and I’ve had this ability for 27 years, since I was 14. I’ve had some pretty crazy and amazing experiences, even after my own son passed in 2011. I’ve been called schizophrenic, crazy, psycho, a liar, laughed at, mocked, and had rumors spread about me because of being open with all my gifts over the years.

In my experience, spirits are usually harmless and have the mentality of a child. Most of what they do is for attention. Acknowledge them by saying hi or I know you’re here, and they usually dissapear soon after. Occasionally one will be agressive or violent but not often. Also, stop being fearful of what everyone calls “Shadow People”. Yes, they are real beings, not just the phantoms of Sleep Deprivation in your peripheral vision. You see them more while delirious from lack of sleep, because you’re inhibitions and walls are down. They are interdimensional beings and protectors. Sometimes they’re just curious. They are lower energy beings and can’t hold form very long, that’s why they appear/disappear so easily. Sometimes they have red eyes, sometimes none. Almost always in a silhouette of a humanoid form and black, not a 2D type of black but a 3D void or lack of color. My theory on this is they originate from a dimension that is so different looking from ours, our brains literally cannot translate the image from sight, so we only see the outline and void of energy being channeled. I’ve never had one instance nor heard of one from another where a shadow person attacked or hurt anyone alive. Oh, P.S. Ghost Adventures is a fraud, quit giving them ratings.

External Clairsentience is often used by Mediums. At times, a spirit can give you the feeling they had at death like heart attack or cancer in a certain area, that’s also an example of Clairsentience. Internal Clairsentience is more common as a gut feeling, or sense of dread in your stomach that’s unexplainable. It can also give a very good or happy feeling about something to come, which helps you know it’s what’s meant for you.


Clairempathy is a clear sense of emotional feeling, being able to detect psychic information through emotions. Empathy is a normal human emotion; While being an ’empath’ and being able to actually feel the emotions of other people, affects about 20% of the population. Big difference between ‘Empathy’ and being an actual ‘Empath’. Seems like everyone is an ’empath’, a ‘Starseed’, an ‘Indigo Child’; it’s like the participation trophy of Paganism now. However, Clairempathy is different. It means being able to feel emotions in advance, or being able to feel the emotions of others when they’re not in your presence or communicating with them. Mediums may use this sense to channel the emotions of lost loved ones. It can also manifest as knowing something is wrong with a loved one across the globe because you can sense their sadness/grief. You can’t explain it but you’re so closely connected, you’re able to physically feel them as if they are next to you.


Clairtangency is a clear sense of touch, being able to detect psychic information through your hands. Some can hold an object and tell how many hands it’s passed through, where it was made, details of the last owner. They can look at pictures and read the person’s energy, or touch something said person owned and give you information from that. You probably won’t see alot of antiques in their home because the energy is too much for them. Objects are constantly soaking up energy, and obviously are energy too so a sensitive person can’t handle that energy and will have to go Earth/Ground after each instance so they can think and focus.


Claircognizance is when our brains get an immediate download from our intuition, just like downloading a large file from a computer’s hard drive. Although, the human brain does this in seconds. If you’d like to develop your claircognizance; the next time you’re trying to figure something out and your brain is stumped, ask your intuition to give you an answer through claircognizance. It’s just clear cognitive thought fueled by intuition without any brain fog. Relax into deep meditation without going down to REM sleep.

Here are a few more important ones.

Precognative Dreamer or Precognition:(includes Psychic Premonitions) The ability to perceive or gain knowledge about future events without using deduction or induction from known facts.

Postcognition: The ability to supernaturally perceive past events.

Dream Telepathy: The ability to communicate through dreams, mentally.

Geomancy: The ability to know where laylines are located or prediction of a natural disaster like an earthquake or Tsunami.

In closing; each clair defines an extrasensory ability, a particular branch of intuition. Picture your intuition as a big tree, the branches are the clairs, and the leaves are each person’s way of receiving and experiencing the psychic messages through that clair. Everyone will experience these differently, according to their perception. These abilities are like a muscle; if you dont flex and exercise it regularly, it will atrophy and whither away. Only way to strengthen them is to use them and practice.

I, myself, have several of these. I use Clairsentience and Clairtangency to do my divination and I also use the way I channel energy to read a person’s picture to do readings online. I just need a clear picture of their eyes to tap into their energy. I’m a medium. That also requires clairaudience, I hear them more than I see them. I’m a Precognative Dreamer, if I dream it more than 3 times, 80-90% chance of being/coming true. I have Clairempathy as well.

Please check out a book on this subject by one of my favorite Pagan authors. Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn. So many exercises in there on how to strengthen and maintain these gifts and how to use them. đź’›


Written by: Mandy Willowmoon

Practicing Witch/Luciferian, 13 years.

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